Tuesday, December 01, 2009

UIGEA Regulations Delayed Six Months

By Pauly
New York City

It seems like just yesterday when I had 30-large stuck in Neteller during the early weeks of 2007 when mostly everyone in poker thought that the world was coming to an end after a couple of sneaky sons of bitches attached the UIGEA to the Port Security Act. Poker players were instantly fucked over night. In the fear-mongering post-9/11 America, career-minded politicians did not want to seem "soft" on terrorism and be labeled un-American, so they kept hushed and allowed the UIGEA to be ushered in. It's been three years since that low point and the UIGEA was on the verge of finally being enforced.

For all of you poker politics junkies, you already know the recent news. But if you don't pay attention to those sorts of things, then you're probably just finding out about the six month delay when companies have to comply to the UIEGA regulations. Shamus has many intelligent things to say about the matter. Check out The Door is Closing: Hoping for UIGEA Delay.

Lobbyists were pushing for a 12-month delay on the UIGEA, but the suits and evil bankers who control the world Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve decided that a 6-month delay was sufficient enough time to clarify the laws and clear up any vagaries with regard to a few definitions such as "unlawful internet gambling."

Although the pro-online poker politicians such as Barney Frank were pushing for a delay, I can't help but think that the almighty and powerful horse racing lobby were the main reason for the delay. The horse racing folks are worried that the UIGEA could put the clamp down on horse wagers via the internet. Let's not forget about those those broke dick politicians in California who are worried that their degenerate denizens will not be able to purchase lottery tickets online.

But let's be honest... Obama's boys, Timothy Geithner (Treasury Secretary) and Ben Bernanke (Fed Chairman) have their hands full with more pressing financial matters. They're trying to steer the world markets away from total collapse and could care less about poker players at the moment. That's the good news and we should all be grateful for the extension. Make sure you put Timmy G and Ben B on your Christmas card mailing list this year.

The party just got extended by six months. As my buddy Chicago Bob used to say, "Smoke 'em if you got 'em!"

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