Saturday, June 23, 2007

WSOP Day 22: I Never Thought I'd Make It This Far

I survived three full weeks of insanity of the WSOP. I wanted to write more about Day 22, but like usual, I am short on time. I gave myself an extra hour to sleep since I'm playing in Event #38. Since I chose rest instead of writing, my post today will be super short.

In the past, I have played in two different WSOP events and bused out early in both. In 2005 I took a bad beat when my Big Slick was rivered by A-10. Last year, I busted out early of PLO. Since Event #38 is a three-day tournament, my goal is to survive Day 1 and advance to Day 2 which would mean I'd make the prize money and get another day off so I could play. I'm a long shot to do that, but that's my goal.

The cool thing about working for, is that my progress will be tracked by my peers. And I found out that Change100's assignment is my tournament which means I should get a lot of press if I last more than a few hours.

Click here to read live updates and follow my progress in Event #38.

Click here to view updated chip counts of Event #38.

Tournament begins at noon local time or 3pm for all you New Yorkers.

And if I bust out early, I get to go home and relax and catch up on a billion things I've been putting off. I have a couple of columns due and I have to edit the next issue of Truckin' among other things.

Moving on...

I covered Event #35 $1,500 NL Day 2. And yes, they are having three $1,500 donkaments inside of eight days. Anyway, Phil Gordon happened to be seated right in front of the media desk for Event #35. That was both good and bad. The good thing was that I could follow the action without getting up and that Phil would feed me any info if I asked for it. The bad was that Phil is the original Tiltboy and is prone to slide off the deep end from time to time. Watching a poker pro go on tilt is hard to stomach. Plus with Phil's mega popularity, he attracts a slew of railbirds which congested that corner of the Amazon Ballroom.

Before Day 2 started, Phil asked to borrow one of my power outlets so he could charge his phone. He seemed focused. He already made the money in consecutive events and survived over 2,300 other players to make it that far. His main focus was on winning his first bracelet. His friends own two. Rafe Furst won one. Perry Friedman won one. Phil Gordon had none and he wanted to change that in 2007.

Sadly, Phil Gordon was playing through a ton of pain. He had a torn meniscus after falling down a flight of stairs trying to walk and read his Blackberry at the same time. He's scheduled to have surgery after the WSOP but for now, he had to chew on pharmies and gut through the pain.

He had Clonie Gowen at his table and even knocked her out. The other named pros busted out quickly as well. Joe Sebok had an early exited and eventually Gordon went busto after he got his Jacks crippled by Kiwi Dan Francis's A-10 in a three-way pot. That set Phil Gordon off and his inner Tilt Boy jumped out his his chest. He busted out a few hands later when his A-5 lost to Steve Cohn's 10-10. He flopped an ace and said, "Justice!" But the turn was the 10 and he kicked his chair as he stormed off.

"Unfucking believeable," he said to me as he left the tournament area and headed for the rail.

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