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WSOP Day 20: Hoyt Corkins Wins Bracelet and Heads Up Prop Betting

By Pauly

Schecky and I studied the match ups for the final 64 players in Event #31 $5,000 Heads-Up NL Hold'em. He picked five players and I picked five. If any of our picks made the Final 4, we'd have to pay up and if any of them won the bracelet, we'd have to pay up even more.

Schecky got the first pick and he went with Carl Olson. We're friends with Carl and I wanted to pick him, but Schecky beat me to the punch. My first pick was Paul Wasicka. He had a cold WSOP so far in 2007 but he destroyed the field at the NBC Heads Up Championship. He seemed like the logical choice for me.
Team Schecky: Carl Olson, Shannon Shorr, Danny Alaei, Joe Sebok, and Thomas Wahlroos
Team Pauly: Paul Wasicka, Kirk Morrison, Rizen, Roland DeWolfe, and Tony G
My last pick was a coinflip between Phil Gordon and Tony G. I went with The G since he's from the streets. After the first round, three of my guys busted. The G played like a donkey against Carmel Petresco. He had bought into the $1,500 PLO with Rebuys event and two-tabling. He seemed more interested in that stack than playing Petresco. He ordered a massage and never got to finish it because he bluffed off most of his chips with As-Qs against Petresco's trips.

Rizen and DeWolfe also had early exits. Only Wasicka and Morrison advanced to the Final 32. Schecky was in much better shape. Only Sebok and Alaei busted and three of his players advanced.

Kirk Morrison was eliminated quickly in the next round and luckily Wasicka advanced. He was my only player in the Sweet 16. Carl Olson lost his match and Wahlroos and Shorr advanced. I was trailing 2 to 1 but I felt good about Wasicka.

Carmel Petresco
Photo courtesy of Poker News

The Sweet 16 matches were tough. Wasicka drew Vanessa Selbst, who had been running well at this year's WSOP. She's tough to put on a hand and will shove all in on any street. Sadly, my hopes ended when she busted Wasicka. On Schecky's end, Wahlroos had a tough time against an old school NYC Mayfair club player Steve Sarrafzadeh. Wahlroos failed to advance but Shannon Shorr beat Carmel Petresco to make it to the Final 8. If he wins one more match, I have to start paying out cashola to Schecky. Petresco took the Bad Beat of the Day. She got all in with A-A vs K-K but Shorr caught a four flush to bust Petresco.
Final 8 Matches:
Keith Block vs. Steve Sarrafzadeh
Mark Munchnik vs. Jared Davis
Dan Schreiber vs. Toto Leonidas
Shannon Shorr vs. Vanessa Selbst
I'll be covering the Final 8, The Final 4 and the Final Table of Event #31 over at PokerNews. Click here to follow the action in the Heads Up event.

Over in the Black Hole, Cowboy Hoyt Corkins went wire-to-wire in Event #30 $2,500 Short-Handed NL and won his second bracelet... 16 years after he won his first one. Some of these internet kids were still shitting their pants the last time Corkins slapped a WSOP bracelet around his wrist. He played super aggressive on Day 2 to amass the big stack and kept the pressure on at the final table. Terrence Chan was ahead on the last hand when Corkins paired up on the turn to take down the bracelet. Chan played superb poker for the last three days and it took a bad beat to eliminate him from the tournament.

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Bouncin Round the Room on Day 20

I didn't have much time to write today and since the last two posts were solid, I figured I could have a slacker day on the Tao. Some days I get so much information that I don't used 50% of what is in my notes. Other days, I have just two or three things written down. Day 20 was one of those days.

I'm starting to recognize players cars in the valet so I know who's playing. I spotted The Grinder's wine colored BMW and Mike Sexton's pimping ride. That's how I knew they were at the Rio playing in events.

Once action got down to the Sweet 16 in the Heads Up event, the poker agents swarmed the rail like pimps hanging out at the bus station looking for fresh pieces of ass. That's a disgusting part about poker as the bottom feeders do what they can to cut deals with online poker sites so the players hat represent can wear logos at televised tables. The worst part of my day is having the gnats constantly swarm around the media table badgering me with questions and updates about their potential clients. Do your own fuckin' homework. And if that doesn't work out, there are some crack whores strolling Tropicana Avenue that are independent contractors. Why don't they start brining them around the Rio and collect $50 for every hand job that they give in the parking lot?

I went to the Hooker Bar with Otis and Michalski. Although I pass it almost everyday, this was the first time this year that I actually stopped to have a drink. Otis and I frequented the bar every day in 2005 and only drank there occasionally in 2006. This year we've been drinking at the Kilt or the secret bar which no one knows about except us. Anyway, I lost close to $30 in throwing things prop bets with Otis that night ranging from empty water bottles to a matchbook toss. I'm stuck over $200 at the WSOP this year in throwing things prop bets and I'm down almost $400 in combined eating things and other prop bet losses.

Tilted Kilt Stella Count: 29
Last 5 Pros I Pissed Next To...
1. Howard Lederer
2. Devilfish
3. Kenna James
4. Mickey Appleman
5. Mark Newhouse
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