Wednesday, December 06, 2006

WPBT Holiday Classic Flashbacks

I leave for Vegas in a few hours as I drive from the sunny hills of Hollyweird through bat country to frigid Las Vegas to meet up with bloggers and friends for the 3rd Annual Holiday Classic and fifth overall gathering of the tribes. Stay tuned for updates, pics, and videos.

Here are the posts that I wrote up about the first ever gathering two years ago when we had the inaugural event at Sam's Town. They represent some of my favorite pieces of writing on the Tao of Poker because my peers and friends inspire more than anything. Enjoy.
Chapter 1: Day 1, Part I
Chapter 2: Day 1, Part II
Chapter 3: Day 2, Part I
Chapter 4: Day 2, Part II... WPBT Holiday Classic
Chapter 5: Day 2, Part III
Chapter 6: Day 3, Part I
Chapter 7: Day 3, Part II
Chapter 8: Day 4, Part I
Chapter 9: Day 4, Part II
Chapter 10: Closing Thoughts
And here's a video that I put together of last year's gathering and tournament which was held at the Imperial Palace.

If you are viewing this via RSS or Bloglines then you'll have to click through to the Tao of Poker to view the video. Enjoy!

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