Sunday, December 10, 2006

WPBT Holiday Classic: -EV Prevails

Congrats to -EV for winning the Third Annual Holiday Classic on Saturday in Las Vegas. And congrats to Easy Cure for winning Gigli.

Here's the final table results:
WPBT Holiday Classic Money Winners:
1: -EV
2: Veneno
3: Michael Friedman
4: Daddy
5: Jim Gallagher
6: Sox Lover
7: April (CA)
8: Mattazuma
9: Vinny
10: Biggestron
Over 80 players bought in for $80 plus one $50 rebuy. I finished in 55th place and my starting table included -EV, Kat, Carter, Poker Nome, F Train, Maudie, Dawn, and Grubby who showed up almost an hour late. Vinny and Toby joined soon after.

I was shortstacked most of the first level until I doubled up on consecutive hands. My A-A held up against Kat and then I cracked Dawn's A-A with A-Ks. I flopped a Broadway straight and a nut flush draw and pushed because I had outs. 13 twice. I rivered the flush as Dawn flashed me a scowl. I went from a shortstack to a big stack.

I lost 95% of my stack when -EV cracked my A-A with 2-2. He flopped a set and I got my junked kicked in. Vinny knocked me out on the next hand.

My buddy Friedman went deep which was great because he had just gotten the pink slip from Card Player a week earlier. Daddy's run was epic.

"I played remarkable to say the least," mentioned Daddy about his performance. "And please do not link me."

Congrats to -EV and all the money winners. Stay tuned for a more detailed update of the tournament, pictures, videos, and tales of random hijinks.

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