Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Demons in a Box, Four Aces, and Other Sordid Tales of Poker Junkies
"Plan to be spontaneous tomorrow." - Steven Wright
Well, I'm back to full time blogging and I realized blogging is as addictive as crack and nicotine. Blogging about poker is hyper-addictive, kinda like Bubba Clinton's weakness for interns and donuts.

I returned to the tables at Party Poker two nights ago. On Monday night I sat down and played in a Caribbean Poker Satellite Sub-Qualifier. First place paid a seat in the Qualifier. If I win the Qualifier, I make it into the satellite. Basically the winner of the actual satellite gets to go to San Jose, Costa Rica to play in 2004 Caribbean Poker Classic, getting accommodations for four nights and airfare for two people.
Sub-Qualifier > Qualifier > Satellite > Costa Rica!
Who do I take if I win? Briana --- my backer, or my brother? Let's hope I have that problem.

I had Al Cant Hang, Helixx, Jorgen, and Jason from Catching the Anitchrist sweating me at different times the last few nights. Jason saw me scoop a pot with the best hand I had in months.
***** Hand History for Carib Classic Satellite Sub Qualifier *****
Level:1 Blinds(10/15) - November 24, 02:09:08 EDT 2004
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to DrPauly [ Ah Jh ]
Jason (from the rail): (DrPauly) RULES!!!!!!
osxxx calls [15].
DrPauly: lol
DrPauly calls [15].
Brxxx calls [15].
faxxx calls [5].
HExxx checks.

** Dealing Flop ** [ 2d, Ac, As ]
Jason (from the rail): you will all bow and scrape before him
faxxx checks.
HExxx checks.
osxxx checks.
DrPauly: whats new?
DrPauly checks.
Jason (from the rail): same ol same ol
Brxxx checks.

** Dealing Turn ** [ Ad ]
Jason (from the rail): clearing a bonus, you?
faxxx checks.
DrPauly: me too
osxxx bets [15].
DrPauly calls [15].
Jason (from the rail): finished it?
Brxxx calls [15].
DrPauly: the bonus or the novel?
faxxx folds.
HExxx folds.

** Dealing River ** [ 9c ]
osxxx bets [35].
tyxxx: damn did i fold that Ace!!
DrPauly raises [125].
Brxxx folds.
osxxx raises [180].
DrPauly is all-In.
osxxx calls [530].

osxxx shows [ 7s, 9s ] a full house, Aces full of nines.
DrPauly shows [ Ah, Jh ] four of a kind, aces.
DrPauly wins 1610 chips from the main pot with four of a kind, aces.
I love it when a plan comes together. I was hoping he hit a full boat. That was one of the few times I set a trap and it worked. Poor dude didn't know what hit him. Jason was good luck.

Poker Bloggers Are My Heros Heroin

There are more poker blogs popping up everyday in cyber world. I can't keep up. I definitely need another new intern to help me sift through everyone's sad tales of bad beats, their triumphs at newer limits, and their own personal sagas with work, relationships, and other things in the real world. Yesterday I clicked on every blog link I have listed. It took me like 15 hours but I wanted to see what blogs I needed to go back and catch up on this weekend. I made a list. I've also noticed that a handful of blogs have not updated since I took my hiatus. In some areas, I didn't miss much. I really need to trim the list and add newer blogs that I know are out there.

Here's some of the stuff out there going on...

Can someone tell me what happened to Lord Geznikor? Chris Halverson has all these OIC reports. Check them out. Felicia and Glenn have posted trip reports about Arizona card rooms. I'm waiting for HDouble and Iggy's Vegas trip reports. Phil from Studio Glyphic posted his. Riding the F Train has a dozen or so thought provoking entries and you should not miss his NYC card room write ups. Bad Blood posted a bunch of things he's going to do in Vegas. Grubby celebrated his one year as a poker blogger. Boy Genius has all kinds of thoughts about all kinds of topics. Toby from The Nut Heart Flush mentioned that her poker book The Bad Ass Girl's Guide To Poker: All You Need To Beat The Boys is now posted on Poker Nerd has been posting again. Wil Wheaton had an audition with Alias. I hope he beats out Finch from American Pie. Double As hit a milestone and man I could go on and on and talk about all these blogs. Just go read for yourself.

Las Vegas Holiday Classic Update

The Poker Prof confirmed that Ron Rose will be attending the breakfast before the tournament at Sam's Town. This is great that we have another great poker mind to share some thoughts on poker.
Bloggers expected to play at the Holiday Classic:
Derek from Poker in the Weeds
Poker Prof
Dick from Buy It In Vegas
Riding the F Train
Boy Genius
Bad Blood
Bill Rini
Al Cant Hang
Signor Ferrari
- EV
Mas from Genius of Poker
Also... the lovely Mrs. Hang, Charlie Shoten, Foiledcoup and Flipchip from Lasvegasvegas will be playing in the tournament. Plus a few more maybes (Grubette!). I hope I didn't miss anybody. Stay tuned.

Contact Maudie if you want a cool tshirt!

Random Thoughts

A quick question to all my Canadian readers. Do you guys get as irked as I do when you go to a store, make a purchase, and after looking through your change you find an American coin? I get Canadian pennies, nickles, and dimes all the time. Just wondering. Maybe we can set up some sort of Exchange your change program.

Did anyone else see the Desert Inn imploding on TV a few weeks ago? End of an era. Kinda like when Jerry Garcia died. You know that moment marked the official end of the 1960s. And after the dust settled in Vegas, it made me think that my father's generation's Las Vegas will now become a distant faded memory, like an old decaying photo in an album in your attic.

I see Party Poker ads on TV all the time now, especially during the NY Knicks games. They changed it slightly. They are now no longer pushing it as an online casino, instead saying that Party Poker is the largest online poker school. Hmmm. Interesting twist on the marketing.

Lastly, this made me chuckle... a thread on a Phish message board about poker and Heidi Klum in Vegas.

Vegas, hmmmm... can't wait. See you at the tables.

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