Saturday, January 03, 2009

Three Way Tie for Tao of Poker Football Pool!

By Pauly
New York City

The NFL regular season is over and the playoffs are upon us. I thought that I'd be bumming out because I have a work assignment the next two weekends and would have to miss some of the games. However, the Jets fizzled and failed to make the playoffs. Now, I have zero emotional investment in the playoffs which is good because I might actually accumulate some extra pocket change.

Congrats to jaguar9499 (r. zacharki), The Kuntmissioner (S. Faherty), and Rummy's TaoPicks (E. Rummel) for all coming in first place in the Tao of Poker football pool. Over 100 people signed up. I finished in 23rd place in this pool (whereas I luckboxed my way into first place in my other pool).

If you are one of the three winners, shoot me an email ASAP.
The Top 10:
1 jaguar9499 (r. zacharki) 175
1 The Kuntmissioner (S. Faherty) 175
1 Rummy's TaoPicks (E. Rummel) 175
4 PatsRevenge2008 (E. Kalis) 174
5 The Great Cornholio (D. Goerisch) 171
6 chitwood's picks (G. Shields) 170
7 Oyster Bay Moore (J. Moore) 168
8 Niggling Groin Injuries (G. Elliott) 167
8 pdxrogue (B. Moos) 167
10 Zappa (W. White) 166

Click here to view the final standings.
* * * *
The NFL playoffs start today. I like all of the road teams in the opening round games. I usually like to bet home dogs, especially in the playoffs.

If you want a playoff fantasy football fix, then head over to Fantasy Sports Live. We are running contests throughout the playoffs. In addition, the NHL contests are super soft and heck, if I can win one of the numerous daily NBA contests, then anyone can.

Best of luck on the gird iron today. Remember kids, if you're not betting on the right side of the fix, then the fix is on you.

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