Saturday, July 09, 2011

Prop Bets with Remko and The Micros WSOP Special

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

My colleague Remko (aka @HappyFreaked) is from Holland, otherwise known as the Netherlands, or that weird European country where Amsterdam is located and you can smoke hash and get fellatio from a window prostitute in the seedy Red Light District.

Remko is here in Vegas to cover Dutch players and make me laugh in the pressbox. The kid also likes to gamble, especially on his native countrymen -- known for famous Dutch pros such as Marcel Luske, Noah Boeken, Rob Hollink and Lex Veldhuis.

On Day 1A, I won a prop bet. I offered Remko 25-1 odds on a Dutchie being in the Top 25 in chip counts. The closest Dutchie finished 31st overall. It was a bit of a sweat, but well worth the gamble. Instead of settling up, we decided to let it ride.

So what prop bets are in store for Day 1C?
- I gave Remko 20-1 odds on any Dutchie finishing today in the Top 25 in chips. The field looks like it's going to be in excess of 2,000 so I'm liking my chances even though I initially offered 15-1 when Remko wanted 25-1. We split the difference, so 20-1 it is.

- I gave Remko 8-1 odds on a non-American finishing Day 1C as the chipleader. 85% of the field is from the good old US of A. The numbers are in my favor, but I'm having second thoughts on this bet. I betcha if I do get screwed it's gonna be a Canadian!

- I also have a prop with my editor at Bluff, Lance (@Lance_Bradley). I bet the ain Event would get 5,999 or fewer entrants. He bet 6,000 or more. If I lose, I have to buy him a glass of top shelf scotch. At this point, the over is looking like a lock. Alas, looks like Lance gets to drink Johnnie Walker Blue on me.

- I bet Steve Frezer that the Main Event would not get 6,000. We have a couple of drinks on the line for that one, but Steve is from New Orleans, so that might cost me a pretty penny.

- I have Main Event props for OVER totals on 4,200; 4,999; 5,150; 5,400; 5,500. I have UNDER bets on 6,000; 6,500; 6,900.

- In non-poker news, I made a bet (getting 15-1) that Derek Jeter would NOT get his 3,000th hit by July 4th. Jeter went on the DL, so that bet was one helluva a sweat. By the way, how about Jeter? He hit a dinger for #3000. Only Wade Boggs was the only other player to do so, which is strange because neither are homerun hitters.
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And here's the latest installment of The Micro for their special WSOP edition...

P.S. Gloria has a sweet bum! I blushed.

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  1. I think you are wrong about the numbers being in your favor on the day 1 c prop bet for chip leader. 8-1 odds mean that 87.5% of the field would have to be American to be an even bet. assuming all have an equal chance to win. I still like your chances.