Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Land of Unicorns

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Shortly after the November Nine, and just before the recent political theatre surrounding Harry Reid's online poker bill, the poker community was mesmerized with the high-stakes cash games in Macau. Around a month ago, an elite crew of pros representing some of the deadliest sharks in Las Vegas flew out to Macau and battled a group of uber-wealthy Chinese businessmen. Millions of dollars were at stake in a series of cash games, and I was among the curious masses who wanted more information about those juicy games that were sorta shielded from the public's eye.

Despite the lack of comprehensive coverage of the events in Macau, we were witnessing a massive shift in the distribution of amateur poker wealth. I guess you can call the Macau cash games the migration of the sharks, because that's exactly what happened because the fertile feeding pool was no longer limited to only Las Vegas or the virtual world. For at least one week in November, the nosebleed tables on Full Tilt Poker, along with Bobby's Room and Ivey's Room in Las Vegas had to take a back seat to the incendiary action in China.

I wrote another guest post for Poker From the Rail about those insane cash games titled Macau: The Land of Unicorns. The guest post focuses on the significance of Ivey and Dwan flying across the Pacific to hook themselves a Chinese whale or two.

So take a peek at... Macau: The Land of Unicorns.

By the way, thanks to AlCantHang, Dave McCarthy, and Uncle Tilty for the invite to write for Poker From the Rail.

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