Saturday, April 04, 2009

Final Four Thespian

By Pauly
Hollyweird, CA

Here are my Final Four picks...
Saturday's Games:
UConn -4 against Michigan State
Villanova +7 against North Carolina
UNC and UConn will advance to the final game, but the UNC/Nova game is gonna be close.

Sadly, no live blogging of the Final Four games. A couple of weeks ago, Showcase asked me if he could use Change100's apartment to shoot scenes in an indie short film that he was working on. The director specifically wanted to use my office. I originally said yes because I thought I was going to be in Las Vegas playing in Dream Team Poker during the shoot.

Turned out that I got the dates wrong. The shoot is today... a horrible day because I'm behind deadline on Lost Vegas and there's the Final Four to boot.

Alas, the apartment was locked up for the shoot. That's the bad news.

But there's some good news. Quite a shocker actually... I landed a small role in the film. I have one line, "Hey! Fuck you, lady!"

Sometimes, I fuckin' love Hollywood.

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