Thursday, December 20, 2007

ebk03001 Wins Sundays with Dr. Pauly

By Pauly
New York City

After ten weeks, the Sundays with Dr. Pauly promotion at Fantasy Sports Live is complete. Congrats to ebk03001 for taking it down.
1st Place: ebk03001 - 1286 ($100 cash + $50 added to FSL account)
2nd Place: RTrizzle - 1262.3 (Any football themed DVD)
3rd Place: jek187 - 1236.7 (Blind Side by Michael Lewis)
4th Place: Expensive Wino - 1235.8 (Phone call from Daddy)

Here's the final standings for the Top 30:
1. ebk03001 1286
2. RTrizzle 1262.3
3. jek187 1236.7
4. Expensive Wino 1235.8
5. bayne_s 1219
6. bonds 1166.6
7. Dr. Pauly 1165.6
8. HermWarfare (Derek) 1125.1
9. BigHeeb91 1120.6
10. Big Pirate 1115.7
11. Proehl 1071.2
12. Chewbot 1051.4
13. Pokerpeaker 1028.6
14. Mark 1026.9
15. Betty Underground 1026.9
16. jakehead 1019.1
17. Mattazuma 969.3
18. KenB525 954.8
19. change100 950.3
20. DrizzDJ 945.4
21. Zeem 936.6
22. Bobby Bracelet 878.2
23. DonkeyPuncher 787.4
24. 23skidoo 662
25. PokahDave 633.2
26. VinNay 628.5
27. Garthmeister J. 619.4
28. johnnieb 613.8
29. Party Matt 602.6
30. Alpo_Splatr 590.3
If you are one of the four people who won prizes... congrats! You will be getting an email from me shortly about collecting your prize information.

Also, thanks to everyone you participated. We appreciate your patronage over at Fantasy Sports Live. I think we will have some sort of featured weekly contest named Sundays with Dr. Pauly for either the hoops or hockey. Stay tuned.

We also appreciate everyone spreading the good word about Fantasy Sports Live to their family, friends, and co-workers. Keep up the good work.

With the NFL season winding down, there will still be daily action on the NBA and the NHL. You don't have to wait until Sunday to get your fantasy sports fix. You can play in fantasy basketball or fantasy hockey contests any day of the week. Some contests cost as little as $1 to enter. That's the best way to get onto the FSL Leaderboard.

And yes, the rumors are true... fantasy NASCAR will be coming to FSL in 2008. If you do not have a FSL account, join today using my bonus code... pauly.

Bonus Code: Pauly

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