Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I Got Quoted at ABC News

By Pauly
Sydney, Australia

I got a call on Tuesday morning (late in the afternoon in New York) by a reporter from ABC News who wanted a quote about the recent shooting at an underground NYC poker club. He tracked me down in Australia and we spoke for a few minutes. I ended up getting quoted in his article. That's not the first time I got ink as a source in a mainstream media organization. Last October, I got quoted in Business Week about the UIGEA.

The only thing that sucks was that the reporter at ABC News failed to mention my blog! Instead he listed me as "a reporter from" Talk about a bad beat. Sure that's great news and PR for the folks at Poker News, but I must admit I was disappointed that the Tao of Poker was not mentioned. Oh yeah, and out of everything I said in the conversation, the most retarded thing I said ended up getting quoted. Oh well.

Anyway, check out the article... Underground Poker: A Deadly Game?

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