Saturday, September 01, 2007

EPT Barcelona - Day 3

By Pauly

Worst. Day. Ever.

In three years on the tournament circuit, I never experienced a more horrendous day of work due to severe lack of crowd control and unruly drunk spectators. Media was not allowed inside the ropes and we had to get updates from the rail... except that the rude spectators that were camped out on the rail would not let you close to the action. If you stood on the rail, you were subject to physical abuse. I was punched, elbowed, knocked off a chair (three times), and had no less than five drinks spilled on me.

The best solution was to stand on a chair six or seven people behind the rail in order to see the action. When there was an all in at a specific table, a mad rush of people surged knocking down anything in their way. Poor Change100 got shoved off a chair while she stood up to get a better view of the action in order to do her job. She sprained her ankle and burst into tears. I was ready to beat the living piss out of the guy but the coward he ran off when he saw what happened.

I attempted my best efforts to stay professional and roll with the punches (literally), but the situation got so bad that I started pushing back. I had not thrown that many elbows since I played pick-up games of basketball on the playgrounds of the Bronx.

Mad Harper was the only person who attempted to help us! The casino staff were nowhere to be found and when something was mentioned to them, they shrugged their shoulders. I've had random incidents over the last three years with drunk railbirds and assholes, but nothing compared to Friday's debacle.

I was having an amazing time in Barcelona up until yesterday.

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