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WSOP Day 44: Main Event Day 5

By Pauly

The temperatures in the Amazon Room vary from boiling hot to frigid. It fluctuates every twenty minutes and varies depending on where you are sitting or standing. It was freezing on Day 5 and I caught a cold. I got sick at he start of Day 5 and went home at the dinner break. I needed to rest up for Day 6 and the final table.

For the first time during the entire Main Event, I had to follow along with the live updates on I experienced the WSOP like most of you get to do. I finally had that perspective and it was both entertaining and interesting. I don't want to jinx our coverage, but so far it's been pretty good. I'm biased but I also know the difference between last year's coverage and what we've bee cranking out.

What you don't know is that there's a rotating group of 30 or more people who have been busting their asses during the main event. While no one is perfect and since you can't please everyone out there following along, I'm more than pleased with the effort and content. For the last two days, we're hoping to step it up even more. And the final table is going to be a ton of fun. It will be much easier than the 50K HORSE event and I'm looking forward to doing the color commentary while BJ does the play-by-play.

Of course that's not until Tuesday night. And there are 36 players left in the mix. On Sunday, we'll find out who the final tables will be. On Saturday, we sat and watched as the field thinned down from 112 to 36. The action started out fast. Thirty players busted out fairly quickly, then the eliminations slowed down to a trickle.

The plan was to play five levels or until 27 players remained, whichever came first. If there were more than 36 players left after five levels, action would not stop until there were 36 players. That ended up happening... and at 2am, Ayaz Mahmood busted out in 37th place. Day 5 was complete.

Maria Ho was the last female standing. She busted out in 38th place. I'm sure she'll get some ESPN face time. Her bustout hand ended up being shrouded in ugliness. Here's what Jonno wrote:

When Maria Ho busted, needless to say she was disappointed. To add insult to injury, Kevin Farry's supporters are two-deep on the rail and are extremely intoxicated. When the river card fell, they screamed *very* loudly and leant all the way over the ropes to high-five Farry.

The rail is very close to the table and Farry is in the 5 seat, however Maria is in the 4 seat and was unable to stand up due to the arms hanging over her head, holding her captive.

Scenes of joyous celebration are nothing new in poker, however what we just witnessed showed a total disregard for the player whose tournament life has just come to an end, and a complete lack of respect for the great game we all love.

Yeah it sucked that Ho had to sit right next to a bunch of drunk idiots. The last two days featured a ton of railbirds. For the first time during the main event, everyone had access. However, I also noticed that there were several people who were not just drunk... but shitfaced, shithoused, and downright sloppy.

The No Limit Lounge offered up free cans of Milwaukee's Beast on Friday night and everyone up there got shitfaced. A 90 year-old woman was two fisting Beast Lights for a while and even an ESPN camera man captured that on film. I hope that ESPN shows that clip.

Anyway, I assume that since it's the weekend, there were more drunks around than normal. It sucked having to sit at the media desk and have drunks pester you about stupid things. But to be playing for $8.25 million in cash and have to sit at a table and be harassed by drunks is something that I'd complain about if I was still in the tournament.

Several of the big names headed to the rail on Day 5 including Huck Seed, Gus Hansen, Humberto Brenes, Kirk Morrison, Chad Brown Julian Gardner, Cory Carroll, Isaac Haxton, and Brandon Adams. Former chipleaders Dag Martin Mikkelsen, Jeff "Mr. Rain" Banghart, and Dario Minieri failed to advance to Day 6.

Dario Bustarino

The biggest name who advanced to Day 6 was none other than Scotty Nguyen. He's had a fantastic WSOP with two final tables. He's looking to win his second world championship. He's towards the back of the pack but anything can happen on Day 6. Danny Alaei and Lee Watkinson are among the other big names still in the main event. 2007 WSOP bracelet winners Bill Edler and Alex Kravchenko are also alive and seeking their second bracelet on the WSOP.
Here's a list of the remaining 36 players with chipcounts:
David Tran 10,280,000
Philip Hilm 9,950,000
Ray Henson 8,250,000
Hevad "Rain" Khan 7,585,000
Kevin Farry 7,400,000
Scott Freeman 7,360,000
Lee Childs 6,520,000
Jerry Yang 5,090,000
Kenny Tran 4,955,000
William Spadea 4,575,000
Tuan Lam 3,600,000
Lee Watkinson 3,500,000
Stefan Mattsson 3,260,000
Raymond Rahme 3,100,000
Bill Edler 2,680,000
Ron Kluber 2,6750,00
Jon Kalmar 2,665,000
John Armbrust 2,600,000
Peter Darvill 2,430,000
Hoa Nguyen 2,205,000
Bob Slezak 2,115,000
Jason Welch 2,115,000
Steven Garfinkle 2,115,000
Jeff Bryan 2,100,000
Mikkel Madsen 2,080,000
Christian Togsverd 2,030,000
Daniel Alaei 1,995,800
Scotty Nguyen 1,960,000
Ryan Elson 1,785,000
Paulo Loureiro 1,645,000
Alex Kravchenko 1,555,000
Jason Koshi 1,175,000
Allan W. King 1,080,000
Roy Winston 1,071,000
Allan King 1,000,000
Kevin Kim 610,000
Robin Bergren 520,000

* * * * *

Quick Stats
Players Remaining: 36
Chipleader: David Tran

Day 5 Money Winners:
37 Ayaz Mahmood $237,865
38 Maria Ho $237,865
39 Rep Porter $237,865
40 Philip Yeh $237,865
41 Jeff Banghart $237,865
42 Dag Martin Mikkelsen $237,865
43 Avi Cohen $237,865
44 Senovio Ramirez III $237,865
45 Stig Tap Rasmussen $237,865

46 Reagan Silber $190,053
47 Nicolas Atlan $190,053
48 Markus Gonsalves $190,053
49 Adam White $190,053
50 Ken Smith $190,053
51 Lamar Wilkinson $190,053
52 Tom Peterson $190,053
53 Mickey Seagle $190,053
54 Richard Harris $190,053

55 Paul Kershaw $154,194
56 Kirk Morrison $154,194
57 Hyon Kim $154,194
58 Naseem Salem $154,194
59 Floyd Clark $154,194
60 John Spadavecchia $154,194
61 Gus Hansen $154,194
62 Jeff Tunkel $154,194
63 Matt Keikoan $154,194

64 Julian Gardner $130,288
65 Bjorn-Erik Glenne $130,288
66 Ryan Lawrence $130,288
67 Diego Cordovez $130,288
68 Dennis Perry $130,288
69 Brandon Adams $130,288
70 Warren Karp $130,288
71 Ed de Haas $130,288
72 Billy Willis $130,288

73 Huckleberry Seed $106,382
74 Rich Murnick $106,382
75 Leonard Pruzansky $106,382
76 Josh Evans $106,382
77 Willie Tann $106,382
78 David Names $106,382
79 Tommy Le $106,382
80 Sven Niklas Heinecker $106,382
81 Thierry van den Berg $106,382

82 Francis Cagney $82,476
83 Humberto Brenes $82,476
84 Mark Ellerbe $82,476
85 David Wells $82,476
86 Justin Sadauskas $82,476
87 Jeffrey Weiss $82,476
88 Jared Hamby $82,476
89 John Bird $82,476
90 Francois Safieddine $82,476

91 Cory Carroll $67,535
92 Charis Anastasiou $67,535
93 Michael Zinna $67,535
94 Isaac Haxton $67,535
95 Kelly Jo McGlothin $67,535
96 Dario Minieri $67,535
97 Chad Brown $67,535
98 Alan Levin $67,535
99 Joe Shield $67,535

100 Cody Slaubaugh $58,570
101 Pete de Best $58,570
102 Alan Keating $58,570
103 Brian Tracy $58,570
104 Richard Crowell $58,570
105 Zhuang Han $58,570
106 Travis Belles $58,570
107 Jimmy Blevins $58,570
108 Paul Spitzberg $58,570
109 Christopher Lovelace $58,570
110 Andreas Krause $58,570
111 Andrew Gunderson $58,570
112 Thomas Koo $58,570
I'll post official end of Day 5 chip counts as soon as I have access to that data.

I wish I could write more, but the Nyquil has kicked in and I'm feeling a little loopy. Best to head off to sleep and wake up in the morning to add more to this post. And hey, you never know... I might be doing some random "semi-live" updates from the floor of the Rio on Day 6.

* * * * *

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