Thursday, July 31, 2003

Some FAQ's

Q. When will Lost Vegas be released?

A. Spring 2010.

Q. Why is this site called the Tao of Poker?

A. On my main blog the Tao of Pauly I have a series where I list the Last 5 Books I Saw People Reading on the Subway... mainly because I'm a writer and New Yorkers like to read. One morning, my brother was on his way to work down on Wall Street and he noticed a guy who was reading: The Tao of Poker a book written by Larry K. Philips, a book that I actually own. An ex-girlfriend picked it up for me as a gag joke. I thought it was fitting to name this site based on inspiration from an impulse buy and a tweaked understanding of Buddhism.

Q. Why do they call you Dr. Pauly?

A. I give Mr. Decker credit for that nickname. In a hilarious email exchange between himself and scam artists from Nigeria, he mentioned me as "Dr. Pauly." The nickname stuck. Mr. Decker rules.

Q. I am looking for freelance writers. Are you available?

Yes. I am open to discussing any freelance assignments that you have to offer. Feel free to contact me.

Q. I sent you an email and you never responded. What's the deal?

A. Due to the large volume of email, I am unable to answer every piece of email that I get. I do read everything in my inbox... eventually. Even though I might not respond, I read your email. I apologize in advance if you feel neglected.

Q. How can I buy ad space on the Tao of Poker?

A. Shoot me an email and include your site, contact info, and your URL. If you have a sample of what the ad looks like, please send that too. My ad & marketing rep will get back to you with a rate card.

Q. What is your online screen name or poker handle? How can we play together online?

A. Send me an email and I'll tell you what sites I play on and my screen names. I like to keep that information private, but if you're cool, I'll tell you when and where I usually play.

Q. What other poker sites do you play on?

A. I have been known to play on and Full Tilt.

Q. I have never bought a poker book. Where should I start?

A. Make sure you visit my Poker Books section where I list several books that you need to add to your poker library.

Q. Does your brother have a poker blog too?

A. Yes. Check out Derek's blog called Poker in the Weeds.

Q. Is Iggy really a sober housewife from Ohio? Is he really a dwarf?

A. Wouldn't you really like to know? God bless the internet.

Q. Did you really invent the term "Hilton Sisters" like I heard?

A. No. Vince Van Patten coned the phrase. I just beat it to a dead horse.

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