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The Tao of Pokerati is the shortest podcast in poker with your hosts Dan Michalski from Pokerati, Dr. Pauly from Tao of Poker, and Benjo, everyone's favorite malcontent chain-smoking French reporter/commentator. Special guests have included Change100, AlCantHang, Mean Gene, Otis, and KevMath.

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2011 WSOP

Episode 1: Woe Is Benjo (3:59) - Pauly, Dan, and Benjo returned for their first episode of the 2011 WSOP. Dan and Pauly are upbeat about the upcoming summer, meanwhile Benjo reveals he's not looking forward to the suicidal tendencies which crop up three weeks into the WSOP. Dan and Benjo also discuss a potential prop bet about whether or not Howard Lederer makes an appearance at the 2011 WSOP.

Episode 2: Ivey Drops Drama Bomb by Suing Full Tilt and Boycotting the WSOP (6:07) - Change100 joins Benjo and Pauly as they discuss the strange happenings on Day 1 of the WSOP. Phil Ivey became the only thing people discussed the Rio after a rather bizarre series of posts appeared on his Facebook page after he revealed his lawsuit against Full Tilt due to their lack of action getting money back to their players. Also, Benjo explains the scene when James Bord harassed and threatened John Juanda.
Episode 3: Dan's Smoothie and Welcome to the Mothership (3:06) - Dan finally showed up to the WSOP a little late... three days late... and he ran into a credentials snafu. Pauly gives him some guff while he covers the heads-up Grudge Matches, but Dan is digging the plush couches behind the media perch.

Episode 4: Team Pokerati Update and the Men the Master/Hollywood Dave's Fracas (4:58) - Dan and Pauly hang out on the rail of Event #3 $1,500 Omaha 8 after the money bubble bursts. They discuss updates on Angry Julie, a member of Team Pokerati, along with detailing the highlights of argument that almost turned into a brawl when Men the Master (ironically) accussed Hollywood Dave of being a cheater.
Episode 5: Norman Invasion - Dan and Pauly try to hang out at the final table of the $25,000 Heads-Up Championship between Jake Cody and Yevgeniy "JovialGent" Timoshenko. However, they got stuck around a gaggle of drunken Brits supporting Jake Cody and then find themselves getting in the way of ESPN's camera crew while they taped a stand-up for Lon McEachern and Norman Chad.
Episode 6: Ivey's Lawyer (4:17) - Dan and Pauly chat about the Ivey drama that transformed the opening days of the WSOP into the "World Series of Phil Ivey." Dan also shares some inside info on Ivey's lawyer, renown criminal attorney David Chesnoff.
Episode 7: Sahara Liquidation with Remko (6:12) - Benjo and Pauly discussed the Sahara Casino liquidation sale/auction with one of the members of the Dutch press, Remko. Both Remko and Benjo expressed a keen interest in acquiring a slot machine for super cheap, while Pauly has his eyes set on a Pai Gow table. Meanwhile, Benjo and Remko try to figure out how to ship a slot machine from Vegas to France and Holland.
Episode 8: Eskimo Yes, Jesus No (4:22) - Dan and Pauly try to pinpoint which pros are noticeably absent (Clonie, Jesus, Howard Lederer), while Eskimo Clark sightings have been rampant. They also try to figure out where the old Bat Beat Bar and Lounge went and why its been replace by a oxygen bar.
Episode 9: False Flags and Low Lights (4:04) - Dan and Pauly wander around the Pavilion and Dan points out the flags, or lack of international flags, hanging from the rafters. While Dan spins an international false flag conspiracy, he also wonders about the lack of bright lighting at this year's WSOP.
Episode 10: Hellmuth Denied with Change100 (2:46) - Seconds after John Juanda defeated Phil Hellmuth (who was seeking his 12th career bracelet), special guest Change100 and Pauly chat about the three hour heads-up battle between Hellmuth and Juanda.
Episode 11: Bookies, Dumpsters, and Mavericks (5:16) - Dan and Pauly ditch the action at the WSOP and wander over to the sportsbook to watch Game 6 of the NBA Finals, because Pauly bet the Mavs, which is also Dan's hometown team. Dan asks Pauly to describe some of the complexities of sportsbetting, both in Vegas and in the shady underworld of online bookies.
Episode 12: The Tweaker Edition (4:02) - Benjo and Pauly hang out at the Gold Coast and watched a tweaker get 86d by security. They later encounter the tweaker in the parking lot, and Benjo asks Pauly for a quick tutorial about the seedy Las Vegas meth scene.
Episode 13: Black-Hat Bracelet with Change100 (3:59) - Dan shows up at the very end of a big poker event, and observes with Change100 the first major on-the-felt story of the WSOP. They didn’t know as they discussed the color of hats and misprinted souvenir T-shirts going to Haitian refugees that they were witnessing the only other true all-in-and-a-call situation prior to the end of a heads-up match-up between two different kinds of bad-boys several hours later.
Episode 14: Old School Cheats with Johnny Hughes (6:02) - Pauly sat down and chatted with a special guest -- the legendary Johnny Hughes -- who has been in poker circles for 50+ years. Pauly asks Johnny to share some stories about old school poker cheats and the "fear" of getting caught, which kept a lot of shady characters in line.
Episode 15: Brickless Cash Games (4:43) - Dan and Pauly hang out on the rail of the high-stakes cash games in the Rio. They describe the bustling scene, but are a little disappointed the massive PLO cash game isn't running.
Episode 16: Brickless Cash Games Reprise (3:22) - Dan and Pauly recorded a quick follow-up to their previous episode while they hang out on the rail of the high-stakes cash games. They spot Eskimo Clark, "Cowboy", and other broke dicks lingering around seeking handouts from the high rollers.
Episode 17: WSOP Fashion Report with KevMath (5:10) - Pauly chats with KevMath, who is a self-described "fashion expert." The two compare and contrast the different styles of clothing worn by members of the media. KevMath also reveals why he won't wear shorts.
Episode 18: Mothership Stench with Timtern (2:43) - Pauly and Timtern are in the press section inside the Mothership, while sweating the final table of the Donkament. Timtern shares a story about a couple of railbirds who put him on mega-tilt, including the guy who took off his shoes. Pauly also describes the sketchy, yet pungent scene inside the Mothership.
Episode 19: KevMath Keno System with KevMath (6:01) - Pauly and KevMath hang out at the dive bar in a bowling alley at the Gold Coast. KevMath was in the middle of crushing a video Keno game, when Pauly asked him to share a couple of his big secrets to beating the game.
Episode 20: Adieu, Benjo (8:40) - After almost a week of speculation and rumors, Benjo confirms that he's leaving Las Vegas and heading home to France. His brief stint at the WSOP is officially over. One chapter ends, and a new one begins. Dr. Pauly, Dan and Benjo hang out in the dive bar inside the bowling alley at Gold Coast to listen to Benjo bid his farewells.

Episode 21: New Dynamic Duo with Snoopy (5:59) - Pauly holds auditions for a new sidekick with only one requirement -- a outrageous accent. Snoopy, a writer from London, nails the audition. In this episode, they discuss modeling their new dynamic duo on the Batman & Robin television series, in addition to re-locating the Bat Cave to England and installing bat poles in the press box.

Episode 22: Eskimo Dementia with Joe Dub (3:33) - Pauly bumps into Joe Dub while covering the final table of the $2,500 Razz. Joe Dub is eager to tell the story about how he saw Eskimo lurking around the rail of the Razz event and unsuccessfully trying to bum a stake off of someone with dementia. Joe Dub also shares a personal story about Eskimo asking him for money the first time they ever met.
Episode 23: Brazil's Mothership Invasion with AlCantHang (2:50) - Pauly and AlCantHang are on the rail inside the Mothership watching the heads-up battle between American Nachman "The Landlord" Berlin and Brazil's native son Andre Akkari. Al and Pauly record a quick episode moments after Akkari won a decisive pot to cripple Berlin, and the Brazilians went berserk.
Episode 24: It's Not Benjo with Aurélien (5:10) Pauly and Dan meet upwith Benjo's younger brother, Aurélien, who is in town for the Tournament Director's Association big conference. Aurélien works as a TD in France and shares his initial thoughts on visiting Las Vegas for the first time.
Episode 25: SNG Pro with KevMath Dan ships a satellite to FS&G's Pro-Am and KevMath interviews him after Dan's epic victory.
Episode 26: Main Event Begins! (6:34) - The Main Event is upon us and before the cards went in the air, Pauly is hanging out and listening to TD Jack Effel's long-winded introduction and a quick rundown of the rules to all Main Event players. Jack then introduces Texas Dolly to utter the famous phrase, "Shuffle up and deal!"
Episode 27: Almost Famous with Snoopy (3:32) - While players return to their seats after the dinner break, Pauly and Snoopy notice Jason Alexander posing for pictures with fans. Snoopy explains why Seinfeld wasn't a big hit in England and Pauly discovers someone dressed as Snow White in the crowd. Pauly also wonders if Snoopy would ever dress up in a costume for the Main Event.
Episode 28: Hellmuthian Entrance with Snoopy (6:26) - Phil Hellmuth arrived late to the Main Event in true Hellmuthian fashion as he showed up during the start of level 3. However, Hellmuth went for a much more low key entrance this year. Snoopy stalked out the hallway and waited for Hellmuth to arrive. Pauly and Snoopy discussed a couple of entrance concepts (like an astronaut or riding a donkey or a God theme) that they wished Hellmuth would've chosen.
Episode 29: Media Mania and Golden Toilets with Change100 and AlCantHang (3:08) - Pauly is still in the media event, so Change100 takes the opportunity to chat with AlCantHang. They both busted rather early, especially AlCantHang, who won a dubious honor of being the first player to bust out. His reward? A Golden Toiler trophy for last place.
Episode 30: British Beef with Snoopy (8:01) - As play progresses on Day 3, Pauly and Snoopy hang out and discuss the finer aspects of British beef. Well, not really, but the title sounded rather cheeky. Actually, the two chatted about which Brits were remaining in the Main Event, along with a quirky story about sharing electric shavers and Neil Channing's bustout. Snoopy us to keep an eye out for the up and coming Chris Brammer.
Episode 31: Secret Bubble Boy with WhoJedi (1:31) - The Main Event crawled toward the Money Bubble, which historically speaking is always the most exciting time in poker. However, this year's bubble popped in the corner of the room and happened so quietly that everyone almost missed it.Luckily Pauly and WhoJedi were on the scene to give you their quick assessment.
Episode 32: Semi-Live WSOP, Live from the Palms (3:21) - The WSOP is being broadcast on ESPN with a 30-minute delay, and it's also being streamed online at ESPN 3. Dan has not been at the Rio, because he's been keeping an eye on the Main Event by watching ESPN's coverage. Pauly mentions that finally watched some of ESPN2's coverage, which was on in the background while he and Dan played in the Pokerati mixed game at the Palms.
Episode 33: Two Brits, One Irishman with Snoopy (5:09) - Snoopy gives Pauly the latest British report with three tables remaining in the Main Event. Snoopy clues us in on the two Brits (Sam Holden and JP Kelly) still alive along with Eoghan O'Dea from Ireland. Even though O'Dea is Irish, Snoopy and Brits are still keeping an eye on their "adopted" player.
Episode 34: Tent City (5:01) - Dan and Pauly went outside and wandered around tent city, where all of the ESPN live feed production trucks and Poker PROductions trailers were located. Pauly hasn't seen much of the semi-live coverage on ESPN and Dan clues him in on what he's been missing...
Episode 35: Patchwork Orange (6:06) - Dan and Pauly hang out late on Day 7. Dan tells everyone how his girlfriend checked out the Main Event for the first time to check out all the hoopla. The discussion shifts to patch deals and lack of huge sponsorship money on TV tables.
Episode 36: KevMath WSOP Exit Interview with KevMath (8:50) - Kevin "KevMath" Mathers is officially done with his WSOP assignment, but he stopped by the Rio to watch the action on Day 8. He bumped into Pauly, who sat him down to discuss his favorite moments (and least favorite) during his first ever WSOP. Pauly also quizzes him on any strange "fan" encounters along the way.
Episode 37: Pseudo-Final Table (6:02) - Dan and Pauly are on the rail of the Mothership as action resumes for the pseudo-final table of ten, otherwise known as the November Nine bubble. Plenty of tension in the air because the final table will be set with just one more elimination.
Episode 38: Pucked Up Hand (4:48) - Dan and Pauly thought they were recording an episode during an elimination hand, but they mistakenly got the players mixed up. Instead of a bustout, they witnessed a double up by Matt Gianetti. The simple error leads to a suggestion that perhaps the WSOP needs to highlight all-in players with special colored spotlights.
Episode 39: Bruno's New Toy (4:20) - Fun Warren brought a batch of dolls to the WSOP. The dolls, resembling famous poker pros, were custom made in London . He left a couple behind for Pauly and Dan. Pauly got Phil Hellmuth, while Dan seems a little disappointed with Daniel Negreanu. Dan suggests that he'll probably give the Negreanu's doll to his dog Bruno, so Bruno will now have a new play toy.

* * *

2011 PCA - Special Episode

2011 PCA: Bahama Mama - Change100 Wins Ladies PCA Event with Change100 - Pauly chats with Change100, the newly crowned Ladies Champion at the 2011 PCA. She explained how she threw out her back and while nursing herself back to health, she parlayed a tiny investment into a satellite seat into the Ladies Event. Upon her arrival in the Bahamas, she advanced to Day 2 and the final table before she eventually secured a victory.

* * * *

The 2010 November Nine Episodes

N9 - Episode 1: Power Breakfast - Italian Cock and Eggs -- Dan and Pauly recorded an episode at their favorite breakfast place after a power meeting to prep for the November Nine. They discussed a bit of pre-game strategy and what's to come for upcoming coverage of their third November Nine and sixth WSOP Main Event final table. Somewhere along the way, Dan may or may not have offended Italians. As per usual, Dan veered off topic and delved into a tangent about cocks again (not that there's anything wrong with that).

N9 - Episode 2: Meeting KevMath -- Dan and Pauly finally met the elusive Kevin Mathers at the Rio (at the Hooker Bar of all places). They confirm that he is not a robot and share their initial thoughts on meeting the legend. Pauly remarked that he hasn't been this excited to meet someone in poker since Annette_15. They're also a bit worried that KevMath won't survive the "AlCantHang Experience" at the Hooker Bar, and might show up wicked hungover to his first day of the November Nine.

N9 - Episode 3: November Nine Begins and Michalski Missing with Timtern -- In Dan Michalski's (unexplained) absence, Timtern stepped up and recorded and episode with Pauly. The final table is off an running and less than an hour into the November Nine, Timtern gives us his initial impressions of the spectacle. Pauly also wonders if the loud drunken fans can maintain their enthusiasm over the long haul.

N9 - Episode 4: Up to Speed -- After a late night, Dan arrived a little later than he wanted. Pauly catches him up to speed with what he missed including Soi Nguyen's bustout, Filippo Candio's double up with Aces, and Joe Cheong taking a pot off of John Dolan. They also discuss the situation for ticketless fans who want to watch the November Nine.

N9 - Episode 5: Cheong! Cheong! Cheong! -- Dan and Pauly returned to their favorite smoker's porch for an episode. Pauly asked Dan what it was like hanging out in the festive mezzanine during the previous level when Joe Cheong lost a rough hand against Jason Senti. Pauly proceeded to give Dan guff for breaking protocol and cheering for a player -- behavior that Dan usually loathes.

N9 - Episode 6: The Dinner Break: Sustenance and Smoke -- Dan and Pauly hang out at the tail end of break and pontificate on what November Niners are tokers. Their stoney discussion veers off into a query about which ones were cooking on Adderall and whether or not the poker world would ever drug test their players.

N9 - Episode 7: Mezzanine Menagerie -- Pauly tracks down Dan up in the mezzanine, where he has set up his mobile office. They chatted about the reaction to the Senti bustout and the overall atmosphere in the mezz, including the soused guy in the pink bunny costume.

N9 - Episode 8: WSOPharmie Report -- Pauly and Dan recorded another episode in their favorite section of the Penn & Teller Theatre -- the mezzanine -- which has become a haven for pharmie-phriendly spectators. Dan has a theory that the rabid energy level at the November Nine, which had passed its tenth hour, has been maintained throughout the early evening because a majority of the crowd is juicing on a pharmaceutical cocktail, whether it's Adderall or Percosett... or both.

N9 - Episode 9: Shhhhh! -- Dan and Pauly hang out in the mezzanine and discuss the wave of shhhhh-ing that swirls around the theatre at random intervals, especially when a player is in the tank pondering an important decision. The two get interrupted by a text message notification beep and more shhhhh-ing ensues.

N9 - Episode 10: DrinkeyBomber with DonkeyBomber -- Dan and Pauly welcome Tom "DonkeyBomber" Schneider (the 2007 WSOP Player of the Year), who stopped by the Rio after a night on the town. He gave us his take on the November Nine including the noticeable amount of booze consumed inside the Penn & Teller theatre. He then proceeded to give Dan guff about spending almost $10 on a bottle of soda. DonkeyBomber also offered up a contest to our listeners -- first person to send him a twit pic of a drinking water fountain will get a copy of DonkeyBomber's book.

N9 - Episode 11: Cheong Light Savings -- The final two heads-up match is set after Joe Cheong's shocking 6-bet shove that began his eventual demise. Dan is rather bummed out that his Facebook friend busted in 3rd place, and Pauly is sorta still in shock how that insane hand against Jonathan Duhamel transpired. They two also discuss the peculiar feeling of experiencing time travel and or jumping through a worm hole during Daylight Savings Time, which occurred during three-handed play.

N9 - Episode 12: Drunken Candiens vs. Sasquatch - With the heads-up battle between John Racener and Jonathan Duhamel set to kick off, Dan and Pauly discuss the possibility of a drunken brawl between Sasquatch and Duhanel's supporters, who are die-hard hockey fans sporting Montreal Canadiens jerseys.

N9 - Episode 13: POYs R Us - The episode kicks off with WSOP VP Ty Stewart introducing the 2010 WSOP Player of the Year Frank Kasella. Dan and Pauly chat about the significance of the honor along with the potential tweaking of the points system for future POYs.
N9 - Episode 14: Making the Break - Dan and Pauly chat during the first break, something that many of their colelagues didn't think would happen. They also wonder if the production team at 441 Productions wants more heads-up hands to choose from for their broadcast.
N9 - Episode 15: Duhamel Wins WSOP Main Event - Dan and Pauly capture the atmosphere inside the Penn & Teller Theatre moments after Jonathan Duhamel beat John Racener heads-up for the 2010 WSOP Main Event championship. The November Nine is officially over and they describe the frantic scene onstage and in the crowd and wonder what his official "winner's photo" portrait that will be enshrined for the ages will look like.

* * * * *

The 2010 WSOP

Episode 1: Amazon Reunion - Michalski and I snuck into the Amazon Room while preparations were still being made for the 2010 WSOP at the Rio.

Episode 2: Big Room - We wandered over to the Pavilion area where the satellites and cash games are currently running in addition to where most of Day 1s will be played out.

Episode 3: Pooling Resources - Michalski and I take our show outdoors... to the Rio's pool. We riff on a few subjects including a big meeting that we had just finished.

Episode 4: Late Fees and Gunfire - I gave Michalski shit for showing up late to things and for being a lazy ass uploading Tao of Pokerati episodes. We agreed on a $50 late fee/fine for every time he's tardy and we discussed what worthy cause should get the said fines.

Episode 5: Lesbian Kisses with Benjo - We killed time in the press box by watching lesbian kissing videos on YouTube. We offered up analysis and play-by-play while pondering a future as professional lesbian kissing video commentators. Alas, there was a sudden and unexpected twist at the end of one of the videos that left everyone in the press box aghast.
Episode 6: Universal Tech Tilt - It seems as those tech issues have been plaguing the poker media from Poker News to the Tao of Pokerati. Michalski quizzes Pauly about what really goes on behind the scenes at Poker News.

Episode 7: Ty Sweat - While brainstorming for future episodes of Tao of Pokerati, we encounter WSOP VP Ty Stewart, who is returning to the Rio around Midnight to keep an eye on a potential disaster, as he sweats the thinning field in the last level of Day 1B of the $1k Donkulus.

Episode 8: 50K Agent Mix with Benjo - 2am. The Rio. Weirdness abounds. We spy on a potential endorsement deal being negotiated in the far corner of the Amazon Ballroom and recap the events on the rail on Day 4.

Episode 9: Never-ending Night with Benjo - Michalski is AWOL for one of the biggest nights of the year with the 50K Player’s Championship. Not to fear, Benjo returns with another cameo. During one of the breaks of the 50K, Benjo and Pauly discuss circumstances surrounding the first never-ending day of the WSOP.

Episode 10: Everyday Dan with Benjo - Rare Dan Michalski sighting at the WSOP, so Benjo and Pauly ambush Dan the moment that he steps into the press box. Benjo gets compliments for filling in during for Michalski during the important 50K final table. He also reveals how you can win a piece of Pokerati.com.

Episode 11: Benjo's Laser Promotion with Benjo - After two years of cameos and being a special guest, Michalski and Pauly finally decide to give Benjo the keys to the castle. Well, not exactly to the entire castle, just a couple of rooms. In this episode, we discuss Benjo's new and lucrative deal as a partner in Tao of Pokerati, Inc.
Episode 12: Missed Connections - While recording the an episode of the Poker Beat in the hallway, Dan was interrupted twice: Pauly slapped him on the head and anonymous woman kissed him on the forehead before she slipped into the Amazon Ballroom. Dan's not-so good peripheral vision prevented him from properly identifying his fawning female admirer. During this episode of Tao of Pokerati, Pauly gives Dan advice on trying to find out the identity of the kissing bandit.

Episode 13: What's in a Douchebag with Change100 - We head off the strip and record an episode at our local breakfast joint on the west side of town. Change100 and Michalski discuss a Las Vegas invasion of douchebags via Jersey Shore.

Episode 14: WSOP Fetish with Benjo - An astute observation by Benjo that WSOP tournaments are like different types of porn, particularly the specialty events, like the 10K Stud are fetish porn.

Episode 15: Stalking the Devil with Benjo - After getting a tip from the Poker Grump about a chest-heavy woman in the poker room, Pauly and Benjo spring into action. Along the way they get distracted by the poker kitchen and then debate the merits of stalking the one we refer to as... The Devil.

Episode 16: Durrrrr Bracelet Buyout? with Benjo - While the final table of Event #11 Donkament was being set up, Benjo spotted a group of the Big Game regulars (who bet against durrrr) having a quick meeting. The T.O.P. crew speculate on a potential bracelet bet buy-out if durrrr continues to dominate the Donkament.

Episode 17: Durrrrament Exhale with Benjo - Moments after the donkament ended and durrrr took second, Benjo and Pauly headed over to the rail of the 10K Stud8 event to watch the pros' reactions who bet against durrrr winning a bracelet and dodged a massive bullet.

Episode 18: Week 1 Recap - Pauly and Dan step outside the Rio for a breath of fresh air as they recap the highs and lows of Week 1 of the 2010 WSOP.

Episode 19: Douchebag Bracketology with Change100 - The discussion of Las Vegas douchebag stereotypes continues while Dan and Change100 submit "teams" and matchups for a March Madness, er Douche Madness. Pauly moderates the discussion and assigns seeds to different douches.

Episode 20: 2010 World Cup: Benjo's Bets and Conspiracy Theories with Benjo - Pauly, Dan, and Benjo the upcoming World Cup. Benjo tells us about his picks and a couple of conspiracy theories that our favorite Bulgarian bartender shared with him. Pauly and Dan pontificate on the gross discrepancies in the World Cup lines between Strip properties and off Strip sports books.

Episode 21: Durrrr Traffic with Benjo - To off set the long World Cup episode, we recorded a quickie where we discuss which Tao of Pokerati episodes drew the most traffic. You'd be surprised to find out that Lesbian Kiss is not the top episode!

Episode 22: Midnight Hallways - Dan shows up at the Rip kinda late and points out a few things in the hallways that he finds interesting or simply WSOP cliche.
Episode 23: Kick Your Cookie - Pauly and Dan talk discuss the first wave of malaise that hits the WSOP at the 15 day mark, including the difficulty of maintain relationships, and the downside of working in an environment where everyone around you is having gun and getting shitfaced.

Episode 24: Team Pokerati Faltering - While ogling hot railbirds, Dan laments the demise of the pros playing under the Team Pokerati umbrella. The DonkeyBomber min-cashed in a few events, but he had much higher expectations (he expects to win or at the least final table any event he plays). Meanwhile, while DonkeyBomber is struggling, the rest of the crew is collapsing. Although everyone else is on the verge of going broke, Toothless Bob has surprisingly been the MVP.
Episode 25: USA vs. England with Benjo - Pauly overslept and missed the kick off of the highly-anticipated match between England and USA in the World Cup. The crew hang out at the sports book at the Rio and watch the match, while Dan struggles to talk about soccer on a basic level with a European fan with advanced knowledge.

Episode 26: LaLa FTW with Benjo - Dan and Benjo give a preview of the Ladies Only final table. Both have players they are sweating -- Dan has a Team Pokerati Asia player, La Sengphet., while Benjo is keeping tabs on France's Vanessa Hellebuyck.

Episode 27: Ladies Final Hand - Dan and Pauly record an episode during heads-up play recapping Team Pokerati Asia's run at the final table, but before they can finish, both players are all in and they capture the winning moment on tape.

Episode 28: World Matt Savage Tour - One of the bigger non-WSOP stories this week involved Matt Savage, who was just named Executive Tour Director of the WPT. Michalski does an amazing job kissing up to Matt in this episode.

Episode 29: Massage Girls Rubbing Massage Girls with Benjo - I followed Benjo into the Poker Kitchen and noticed a couple of massage girls sitting two tables away. One of them was working on the forearm and elbow of the other. I usually have to pay two women to tough themselves in front of me. We got a free show.

Episode 30: Sats, Lammers, and Deep Stacks - Michalski and Pauly hang out in front of the Pavilion and discuss satellites and the introduction of a daily (non-bracelet) deep stack tournament at the Rio. They also discuss how Change100 got in trouble by security for trying to sell one of her lammers.

Episode 31: Chair Thief with Benjo - Pauly quizzes Benjo about what had been driving him nuts during the first three weeks of the WSOP. They discuss drunken railbirds stealing chairs, fruit salads belonging to the media, foul-smelling players, and "hourly restrictions" on updates.

Episode 32: Pre-PPA - Michalski tells Pauly about his upcoming dinner with the state directors of the PPA. Pauly pretends to be mildly impressed, while Michalski is more eager to eat seafood than talk politics.

Episode 33: Post-PPA - Michalski debriefs Pauly after his free swordfish dinner at Buzio's courtesy of the PPA. Based on what Michalski described, Pauly compares the batch of online poker lobbyists and politicos to The Bad News Bears.

Episode 34: Podcast About a Podcast About a Podcast - Here's a little something that you might have to consult Charlie Kaufman to help decipher this fugue. Michalski gives Pauly props for his stint on the 2+2 Pokercast last week. Meanwhile, Pauly suggests that 2+2 moderator Kevin Mathers is not an actual human being, but rather a piece of artificial intelligence created by Bill Chen.

Episode 35: French Man Kissing with Benjo - There's a real s'affrontent going on in the $10k heads-up, with Bertrand Grospellier, arguably the #1 player in France right now, battling Benjo's pal Lucovic Lacay, currently the top contender capable of dethroning him. All the excitement has the French guys on the rail madly...kissing? Benjo breaks down the questionable nature of these public displays of Euro-affection.

Episode 36: Touching Tom Senior with Benjo - DonkeyBomber's going deep in the Seniors event, but did Dan ruin his chances for a bracelet in "the oxygen" event) with some inappropriate touching? Player superstitions aside, there's some real concern about Toothless Bob, who was going into this event as the Team Pokerati favorite but may or may not have shown up to play.

Episode 37: Benjo Busting with Benjo - After weeks of watching poker, Benjo can't resist the urge to play and signs up for the $100 11 pm "brogdig" tournament. We learn first that Benjo is actually a very weak player. And then we learn he's been doing some undercover reporting at the cash tables, where he learns that the Rio occasionally has an overaggressive rake.

Episode 38: Jerry Buss's iPhone with Benjo - When LA Lakers owner Jerry Buss comes to Las Vegas to celebrate his National Championship by playing the $10k HORSE, he needs a little juice for his iPhone, which Benjo graciously supplies. He doesn't try to hawk it though, instead seeing a long-term plan complete with courtside tickets and the digits of multiple barely legal vixens.
Episode 39: Hellmuth's Non-Hold'em Final Table - Dan happens to wander into the Rio at the exact time Phil Hellmuth advanced to the final table of the PLO/8 event. Pauly and Dan head up to the Beef Jerky lounge to get a better look at the Hellmuthian circus.

Episode 40: Gavin Smith's Ass Crack - Pauly and Dan saunter into the Pavilion Ballroom, where they rarely hang out. During the recording of this particular episode, they're ambushed by a couple of the entities from Wicked Chops Poker. At some point, a discussion about a masseuse working on Gavin Smith's upper ass region breaks out.
Episode 41: Small Balls with Benjo - Sometime after midnight, we let it all hang out with the gang in the press box who engage in a silly, yet innocuous throwing things prop bet that began with Pauly and a single piece of wadded up paper. Before everyone knew it, Benjo, Shamus, and ten other bored members of the press (both foreign and domestic) were joining the fray. Degen prop betting often keeps the free press sane during those late night insane hours, as Tim the Intern took down the inaugural Small Ball Cup.
Episode 42: DonkamentBomber - Dan and Pauly keep a bird eye's view on DonkeyBomber's run during Day 2 of a donkament. They also chat about another Pokerati player -- Toothless Bob -- who was AWOL for a while at the WSOP. Dan was pleased that he was still alive after his brief disappearance.

Episode 43: Bad Beat Bar... WTF? - Dan and Pauly hang out in the somewhat Bad Beat Bar and chat about the pros and cons of that particular (sparsely populated) spillover area in the Rio's convention center. At some point, their conversation veers off into a story about Benjo and seven Mexicans.
Episode 44: TOC Rubbernecking - Dan showed up to the Rio super early for a Sunday just in case the the DOJ decided to bust Full Tilt honchos Howard Lederer and Jesus Ferguson. I compared his morbid fascination of the potential perp walk to watching a NASCAR race in order to see a big wreck.

Episode 45: TOC End of Day 1 - Dan and Pauly recap the brief events of Day 1 of the TOC, and the slight confusion surrounding the change in schedule.
Episode 46: Everest Porch Songs - Pauly finds Dan hanging out in the hallway (at the Poker Road desk in clear view of the public in a shameless attempt to get noticed). Dan happened to be hanging out during the construction of the Everest poker player's suite. Pauly quizzes him about the latest legal entanglements between Everest, Rio, and the WSOP.
Episode 47: Team Timtern - Bluff and Poker Road intern, Tim, who we fondly call "Timtern" decided to play in the last Donkulus of the year. Pauly added him to his stable of young players that he represents, because in addition to being an author and blogger, he's also a slithery poker agent. Timtern was added to TAO Management's roster (that also includes Pokerati player Cliff "Solanthos" Fisher who shipped a mini-FTOPS event a few months ago). The power trio discuss a sponsorship deal with Pokerati.

Episode 48: Fecal Matters - This is arguably the most disgusting podcast ever recorded at the Rio. This is your warning and disclaimer: we talk about fecal matters. Michalski delves deep into his sudden assplosion the other night. Yes, he shat himself and Pauly is aghast at the descriptive images of Michalski's weapons of ass-destruction. (Editor's Note: Don't listen to this while eating. Seriously. It's that horrendous. You might puke.)
Episode 49: Main Event Airport Run - Dan picks Pauly up at the airport only 90 minutes before the Main Event begins. Dan gives Pauly guff for taking off while others were hard at work. Dan catches Pauly up with the latest happenings and poker media gossip.
Episode 50: Day 1B Monkeys with Benjo - The crew in the press box cannot contain heir excitement for the Main Event during the pre-game rules announcements. At some point Jamie Gold and monkeys come into play. Don't ask why. Just listen.
Episode 51: Welcome to the Tao of Schmoozarati - Pauly was shocked to find Dan hanging out in the press box during the Main Event. Pauly gives him guff for schmoozing with everyone, while Dan vehemently denies everything.

Episode 52: Phreindly Lost Vegas Update - During the last few minutes of the dinner break, Dan asks Pauly about the first week of sales for Lost Vegas. And then out of nowhere, a familiar song begins to play over the sound system and a few of the dealers get a little giddy.
Episode 53: Porn Stars, Hookers, and Poker Players with Benjo - While sitting in the press box, Pauly and Benjo notice that their favorite massage girl is working today. The discussion veers off into running a hooker ring out of Europe to coincide with various poker tours.
Episode 54: Day 1D Pharmaceutical Report - Here's Pauly's solo report where he give a quick rundown of street prices for pharmies and other illicit narcotics.

Episode 55: 7,319 with Benjo - The official numbers for the Main Event were released: 7,319 runners. Benjo and Pauly discuss the origins of the increase in the player pool.
Episode 56: Beast Light Reunion - Pauly quizzes Dan about reconnecting with his ole teammates from Milwaukee's Best Light (one of whom has also joined Team Pokerati) and wonders whatever happened to the inflatable beer cans that seemed ubiquitous at the WSOP just a few years ago.

Episode 57: Scents and Subtle Sounds of the Main Event with Snoopy - An impromptu episode (with our British colleague Snoopy) to further discuss odor emissions -- stemming from loose bathing habits, flatulence, pungent reefer, and a growing desire for luck -- as the main event progresses.

Episode 58: DonkeyBomber Death Watch - Short-stacked DonkeyBomber, wearing one of his extremely eye-catching Loudmouth blazers, is sitting at one of the tertiary tables. Dan is nearby keeping an eye on his good friend and one his Team Pokerati players. Pauly stops by to sweat DonkeyBomber with Dan as they hold a death watch for him.
Episode 59: The Party of the Year with Benjo - Benjo arrives to the party a little late and Pauly gives him a run down of what he missed. Meanwhile, drunks stumble around a few folks fall into the pool while everyone wonders: 'Where the fuck is Michalski?'

Episode 60: Fumigation and Boners with Chip Bitch - Pauly asks Chip Bitch to share his assessment of working the WSOP as a floor reporter. Chip Bitch does not hold back and revealed his plot to fumigate Phil Ivey's table, along with his frequent spontaneous erections that pop up while ogling girls on the rail.
Episode 61: Media Day and Angry Timtern with Timtern - Pauly busted early from the media event and is sweating the World Cup final. Dans tops by to chat on his break. He's still in, but an angry, pissed off Timtern wanted to vocalize his displeasure about a particular hand that he played against Dan. Hilarity ensues.

Episode 62: Media Daze - Dan officially busts and he sits down with Pauly to analyze the progression of the WSOP media event since 2004. The two discuss many important aspects of the media only tournament and how it has evolved over the years and where it could go from here.
Episode 63: Day 4 Hypertension - With under 1,000 players to go, Dan and Pauly wax on the tension inside the Amazon Ballroom along with the breakdown of the Pavilion. Pauly wonders if Team Pokerati's last player standing, the Big Randy, in the Main Event is properly patched up as action approaches the money bubble.

Episode 64: Big Head Randy and the Min-Cashers - Dan and Pauly hang out at the Bad Beat bar and wonder if they are coolers? Or if the Big Randy had busted out because he was not wearing a Pokerati patch. Yes, the Big Randy busted before the money bubble. The discussion shifts to the bubble strategy for PokerStars qualifiers who also have a PCA package riding on the line along with the min-cash.
Episode 65: Boo Bubble - Dan was napping in his car as the bubble slowly approached. He woke up during the dinner break and wondered where everyone went. Pauly clued him in and Dan was bummed that he couldn't record the players groaning in dissent. The Bubble is nigh.
Episode 66: Bubblicious - Pauly and Dan were hanging out in upper level of the Jack Links' beef jerky lounge keep tabs on the entire Amazon Ballroom from the high ground when the bubble burst. They captured the announcement of Tim McDonald's 748th place elimination thereby becoming this year's Bubble Boy. They also recorded the jubilant celebration from the players who made the money in the 2010 Main Event.
Episode 67: Tempers Rising with Benjo DiMeo - An incensed Benjo goes off on an ESPN cameraman who tried to pick a fight with one of his French colleagues. As a six-year vet, Pauly shares a few of his run ins with the same surly cameraman who once nailed Mad Harper in the head. Yes, tempers are rising on Day 5 of the Main Event as the action on the tables and in the aisles heat up.
Episode 68: Fun with Names: Fokkin Bonkers with Benjo - After realizing that Dutch pro Fokke Beukers has the best name left in the Main Event, Benjo and Pauly search the remaining players list and attempt to pronounce the truly obscure and difficult names.
Episode 69: Cutting Loose with Change100 - Dan and Pauly give Change100 a little guff for working "Michalski hours" after showing up at 9pm. Her WSOP assignment is official over, but she's at the Rio to check out the last bits of Day 7 as a self-admitted scenster. A potential elimination hand occurs during the beginning of the episode and Pauly ditches the crew to cover the action inside the ropes. Meanwhile, Dan and Change100 have a leisurely chat about how much more enjoyable the WSOP is when you don't have to be running around like a madman covering hands.

Episode 70: Emerging Narratives and November Nine No-Names with Benjo - The power trio returns for a rare episode featuring Dan, Benjo, and Pauly. While sweating the final four tables, Benjo quickly recaps some of the more interesting narratives from the Main Event. The discussions shifts towards whether or not we care if the final nine players are a bunch of unknowns.

Episode 71: Vampire Weekend with Benjo - During the last break of Day 7, the agents were slithering around the Amazon Ballroom and the hallways sucking the blood out of anyone in still alive in the Main Event without an endorsement deal. Benjo and Pauly discuss the sleazy side of poker and their plans to take over the live updates and become the biggest player management agency at the 2011 WSOP with BrokeDickPoker.com
Episode 72: Logo Wars with Benjo - With three tables remaining in the Main Event, Benjo and Pauly discuss the battle for product placement on the heads of the final 27 players, which has been dominated by either Full Tilt or Poker Stars. They discuss the future of logos and longed for the throwback days of logoless final table players (e.g. Sammy Farha in 2003).

Episode 73: Eurodonk Chipleader with Benjo - Benjo and Pauly discuss the "hand" that propelled Italian player Filipo Candio into the chiplead. Benjo insists that every Main Event final table needs a "donk" in order to keep harmony in the universe.

Episode 74: Lesbian Kisses Reprise with Benjo - Back by popular demand! We recorded a special episode reprising your favorite episode from this year's WSOP podcasts, where Benjo and I watch lesbian kissing videos on YouTube and provide commentary.

Episode 75: Here Comes the Sun - Dan and Pauly hang out in one of the back hallways and reminisce about the trials and tribulations of year's WSOP and being able to survive WSOPs of previous years. They also riff on the agony of defeat and being able to capture the tournament as it happens.
Episode 76: On and On and On and On with Benjo - Some four hours into the Final Table of 10, people are getting antsy about getting to the November Nine. Alcohol is wearing off and drugs are kicking in … causing some people to sleep on chairs and others to run randomly across the Amazon. (Everyone’s got the munchies, but the cupboard is bare!) Tony the security guard gets nervous about his staff having to go home at 7am, and the players … it's call-bet-fold, maybe bet-raise-fold.
Episode 77: The 5:41am Finale - After an exhausting evening, Dan and Pauly capture the 10th place elimination in the Main Event as Brandon Steven bubbles off the final table. The November Nine is finally set and you get to hear the celebration going on the background as everyone rushed the stage.

* * * * *

The 2009 WSOP Episodes
Episode 11.1: How We Roll (2:42)
Episode 11.2: Questionable Tactics (2:57)
Episode 11.3: High School Musical (2:50)
Episode 11.4: Getting Pissy (3:19)
Episode 11.5: Star-Spangled Hammer with Benjo (3:08)
Episode 11.6: Night Shift (2:47)
Episode 11.7: Bubble Party with Benjo (4:01)
Episode 11.8: $40K Final Table Dance with Benjo (4:25)
Episode 11.9: Ruskies Win with Benjo (2:50)
Episode 11.10: Scooter Race Action (3:19)
Episode 11.11: Donkey Agents (5:05)
Episode 11.12: Donkey Shows (2:01)
Episode 11.13: Big Game Jack (3:56)
Episode 11.14: Early Exits with Benjo (5:00)
Episode 11.15: Press Badgered (3:05)
Episode 11.16: Blogger Backing (4:14)
Episode 11.17: Graveyard Shift with Benjo (4:18)
Episode 11.18: The Angry Michalski Episode (5:00)
Episode 11.19: Lisandropalooza with BJ Nemeth (3:49)
Episode 11.20: Pauly Returns (5:07)
Episode 11.21: HORSE Hunting (4:09)
Episode 11.22: The Satellite Economy (5:06)
Episode 11.23: Poker VIPees (3:02)
Episode 11.24: Running Numbers (3:30)
Episode 11.25: Tinfoil HORSE (3:52)
Episode 11.26: DonkTwit Conspiracy (4:54)
Episode 11.27: The Best Party of the Year with AlCantHang (1:27)
Episode 11.28: Grindcore with Change100 (2:51)
Episode 11.29: Poker de la Liberte with Benjo (3:06)
Episode 11.30: The Day 1d Debacle with Benjo (5:51)

* * * * *

The 2009 November Nine Episodes
Episode 12.1: Pre-action Action (1:45)
Episode 12.2: Homme-team Advantage (1:45)
Episode 12.3: For Those about to Rock, We Saout You with Benjo (2:25)
Episode 12.4: Hall of Fame Dinner: Voter Hesitation (1:13)
Episode 12.5: Hall of Fame Dinner: Touched by Sexton (2:45)
Episode 12.6: Not-so-Last Call (3:36)
Episode 12.7: The Final 3 (2:56)
Episode 12.8: Wave the Flag with Benjo (4:02)
Episode 12.9: Cutting down Moon (1:58)
Episode 12.10: Cada’s Commencement (1:25)

2009 November Nine - French Fried Poker with Benjo and Pauly
Episode 1: The Scarf

* * * * * 
2009 PCA Bahamas: The Islander with Benjo and Pauly
Episode 8.1: International Hotspot (3:25)

* * * * *

2009 Dream Team Poker II
Episode 10.1: Gel Time (2:47)
Episode 10.2: Shirts vs. Skins (4:15)
Episode 10.3: Spam and Eggs featuring Shaniac (3:16)
Episode 10.4: Karma, Villanova, and Thor (3:53)
Episode 10.5: Bustout Strategy (4:40)
Episode 10.6: Better Luck Next Time (4:58)
Episode 10.7: Bowling for Dollars (4:59)

* * * * *

2008 WSOP - The Original Episodes
Episode 1: Game On! (3:16)
Episode 2: Dirty Sklanchez (3:30)
Episode 2.5: Poker Couture with special guest Benjo (1:03)
Episode 3: Milwaukee’s Best Vinny (3:25)
Episode 4: Late-Night Piladies (3:43)
Episode 5: Long Road (3:23)
Episode 6: Lowballin' (3:02)
Episode 7: Brasilia Time (4:23)
Episode 8: Online Sharks::Salmon (3:07)
Episode 9: Do You See What I See? (3:58)
Episode 10: Eurotarded(2:26)
Episode 11: Floorplay (3:21)
Episode 12: Going Halfsies (4:41)
Episode 12.5: Le Donk (1:35) featuring Benjo
Episode 13: Energy Bucks (3:37)
Episode 14: Stakehouse (4:41)
Episode 15: Horse Rubbing (2:57)
Episode 16: Generation Bracelet (3:51)
Bonus Episode: Doyle Out featuring Benjo (2:00)
Episode 17: Gold Coasting (2:41)
Episode 17.1: Benjo - Barley Legal (0:55)
Episode 17.2: Benjo - Hooker Tournament Chips (1:05)
Episode 17.3: Benjo - Le Masturbe (1:20)
Episode 18: Triple Crown and Coke (4:54)
Episode 19: Topless Beer Pong (2:44)
Episode 20: Surviving Day 1a (3:58)
Episode 21: Poker for Africa (4:25)
Episode 22: Agent Oranges (7:07)
Episode 23: Bubbilicious (3:46)
Episode 24: Kids in the Hall (4:31)
Episode 25: Maderrall featuring the Poker Shrink (5:32)
Episode 26: Agents, Frenchies, and Polacks featuring Benjo (3:48)
Episode 27: Payouts and Payoffs (5:11)
Episode 28: Exit, Stage Tiffany
Episode 28.5: Fashion Report featuring Change100
Episode 29: Almost in the Money
Episode 30: The Cost of Donuts featuring Grubby (3:19)
Episode 31: Scotchy Poker (4:02)
Episode 32: French Warfare featuring Benjo (5:14)
Episode 33: New York & Texas featuring Michele Lewis(2:40)
Episode 34: Go Team! (2:37)
Episode 35: No Wiener featuring Benjo (4:41)
Episode 36: Unhookered featuring Otis & Mean Gene(3:29)

Random TOP- September 2008
Episode 2.1: WPT Bailout Rumors (7:28)

* * * * *

2008 Tao of Benjorati - Budapest
Episode 3.1: EPT Afterparty feat. Benjo (3:39)
Episode 3.2: Hungarian Hooker Halloween feat. Benjo (4:14)
Episode 3.3: Competitive Apple Eating feat. Benjo (4:08)
Episode 3.4: Euro Core-tossing feat. Benjo (3:17)

* * * * *

2008 November Nine
Episode 4.1: WSOPenn & Teller (2:04)
Episode 4.2: Root, Root, Root for the Short Stack (3:17)
Episode 4.3: Double Up! Double Up! (1:20)
Episode 4.4: Bustin' Outs (2:43)
Episode 4.5: Boo Berry (4:18)
Episode 4.6: Poker Rogue (1:05)
Episode 4.7: Pokerstarzistan (2:04)
Episode 4.8: Livin' on a Prayer (4:57)
Episode 4.9: The Novembrists (5:31)
Episode 4.10: Ivan Moneymaker (3:29)
Episode 4.11: Deal or No Deal? (5:33)
Episode 4.12: Dealer or No Dealer? (3:31)
Episode 4.13: Web Player Down! (3:31)
Episode 4.14: That's a Wrap (3:49)

* * * * *
2008 Tao of Hooker Bar
Episode 5.1: Boundless Nature, Las Vegas (6:05)
Episode 5.2: Hurricane of Hookers (7:25)
Episode 5.3: Cage-Savvy Coochie (3:05

* * * * *
2008 Tao of Kenorati with PKPNF
Episode 6.1: Gathering of the Geeks (2:31)
Episode 6.2: Hooker by Numbers, 1-2-3 (3:52)
Episode 6.3: Hookers, Keno, and Meth (2:27)
Episode 6.4: Crushed Venetian Dreams (2:19)
Episode 6.5: Keno'ed Address (1:41)
Episode 6.6: Hooker Q&A (feat. "Valerie") (2:40)
Episode 6.7: Existentialist Hooker Theater 3000 (3:39)
Episode 6.8: Hooker and Muthafugger Buffet! (3:05)

* * * * *

2008 Tao of Benjorati - New York City
Episode 7.1: Jailhouse Rocks and Maniacs (3:15)
Episode 7.2: The (French) Year in Review (4:49)
Episode 7.3: Hookers around the World! (5:06)